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Dosso Dossi Holding


The roots of Dosso Dossi Holding, which operates in five different sectors today, date back to the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, which was implemented with a completely new perspective and business approach. Leaving behind 20 years full of success and profits, Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is a giant organization that combines work and holiday and brings together hundreds of brands with thousands of customers. Dosso Dossi Holding's unique business approach, embodied in the Fashion Show, is also reflected in the Holding's activities in other sectors. Dosso Dossi Holding takes the lead with the high added value it provides in every sector it operates with its innovative business approach. Dosso Dossi Hotels, which is the reflection of Dosso Dossi's brand new understanding of the concept of "customer satisfaction" in the accommodation sector, is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand. The luxury housing and residence project in the heart of Istanbul is an indication that Dosso Dossi Holding, with its distinguished target audience, has managed to make a difference with its assertive and innovative perspective, regardless of the field. The goal of Dosso Dossi Holding, which is Romania's leader in its field of activity with Sultan Gıda, is to crown its success in one field with leadership in Europe and the Middle East. Although they may seem different from each other, the common point of all businesses is that they are innovative and pioneering initiatives.
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Dosso Dossi Holding builds not only buildings but also dreams. From exclusive residences such as Dosso Dossi Residence Halkalı and Dosso Dossi Residence to ambitious commercial projects, construction branches weave quality workmanship with an innovative vision. Rely on their 30+ years of expertise to turn your plan into a timeless reality. Experience meticulous attention to detail, an unwavering commitment to sustainability, and a passion to exceed expectations. Build your legacy with Dosso Dossi Construction, where art meets durability, one brick at a time.

1-Residans villa Çengelköy

Overlooking the Bosphorus, which hosted the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Civilizations throughout history, Çengelköy Park Houses offer its residents the keys to a unique life with its traditional texture. It brings together the beauties of our neighborhood culture, the friendly streets of Istanbul, the past and the future in the same place. Its modern architecture integrated with nature ensures that every corner of the villas & residences is bright and brings all the characteristic features of traditional Bosphorus houses to this magnificent project. In addition, Çengelköy Park Houses, which came to life with the dreams and ideas of the design team; It revitalizes the Istanbul we miss with its streets, courtyards, parks, gardens and neighborhood culture. All you have to do is enjoy this privilege to the fullest.
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2-Halkalı Residence

Dosso Dossi Residence is the New Living Space of Halkalı Istanbul with its Contemporary and Quality Architecture. Operating in 5 different sectors, Dosso Dossi Holding is a global company known worldwide with its Dosso Dossi Fashion Show brand, which combines business and holiday. Reflecting its innovative perspective and business approach to other sectors in which it operates, Dosso Dossi also puts its signature on the construction sector. Adding value to the elite and prestigious districts of Istanbul with luxury housing and residence projects, Dosso Dossi offers its distinguished customers an innovative, new generation and life in nature. Bringing a brand new living space to Halkalı with the Dosso Dossi Residence Halkalı project, Dosso Dossi brings the beauties of contemporary architecture to your life with 202 flats on an area of 9,000 m2. It brings prestige to Halkalı with its design benefiting from natural light, walking areas, entertainment terrace, open-air cinema area and sports complex...
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The roots of Dosso Dossi Holding, which currently serves in five different sectors, are based on the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, which was implemented with a completely new perspective and business approach. Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is a giant organization that combines holiday with work and brings together thousands of customers with hundreds of brands, with twenty years of experience full of success and profits. The unique business approach that Dosso Dossi Holding embodies with the Fashion Show is also reflected in the Holding's other activities in different sectors. Dosso Dossi Holding achieves a respected leadership by providing high added value in every sector it operates with its innovative business approach.

Dosso Dossi Hotel Downtown: Your Urban Oasis Amidst History's Embrace

Dive into Modern Luxury at Dosso Dossi Hotel Downtown, Istanbul

Where Modernity Meets Majesty: Dosso Dossi Hotel Downtown

Rise to the rhythm of a city that never sleeps at Dosso Dossi Hotel Downtown. Sleek interiors and modern amenities set the stage for your urban adventure. Plunge into the glistening indoor pool, rejuvenate in the spa, or lose yourself in breathtaking views from your room. Immerse yourself in the historic allure of Sultanahmet, just a stone's throw away, or navigate the labyrinthine charm of the Grand Bazaar, a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Dosso Dossi Hotel Downtown – your urban oasis in the heart of Istanbul's vibrant story.
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Dosso Dossi Hotel Old City: Echoes of Empires Whisper in Ancient Walls

Unravel History's Tapestry at Dosso Dossi Hotel Old City, Istanbul

Step Back in Time: Dosso Dossi Hotel Old City Whispers History's Secrets

Where time whispers tales of emperors and sultans, Dosso Dossi Hotel Old City welcomes you to a world of timeless allure. Lose yourself in the grandeur of Topkapi Palace, marvel at the celestial mosaics of Hagia Sophia, and let the echoes of history guide you through labyrinthine streets lined with bustling bazaars. Unwind in your Ottoman-inspired room, savoring the blend of modern comfort and ancient charm. Dosso Dossi Hotel Old City – your gateway to Istanbul's bygone era.
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Dosso Dossi Hotel Golden Horn: Where Water Meets Elegance – A Serene Escape

Discover Tranquility on the Golden Horn: Dosso Dossi Hotel, Istanbul

Embrace Serenity on the Golden Horn: Dosso Dossi Hotel, Your Waterfront Haven

Let the gentle sway of the Golden Horn lull you into tranquility at Dosso Dossi Hotel. Wake up to mesmerizing sea views, explore the magnificent Suleymaniye Mosque, and wander through historical streets bursting with local charm. Savor fresh seafood at the hotel's waterfront restaurant, or lose yourself in the bustling spice markets nearby. Dosso Dossi Hotel – your serene escape on the Golden Horn's shimmering embrace.
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Dosso Dossi Hotel Yenikapı: Where Sea Breeze Meets Culture – A Vibrant Tapestry

Immerse Yourself in Istanbul's Vibrant Pulse: Dosso Dossi Hotel Yenikapı

Feel the Pulse of Istanbul's Culture: Dosso Dossi Hotel Yenikapı

Immerse yourself in the colorful tapestry of Istanbul at Dosso Dossi Hotel Yenikapı. Dive into the vibrant energy of local markets, discover hidden gems in charming neighborhoods, and let the rhythm of the Bosphorus carry you away. Explore the historic walls of Yedikule Fortress.
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Dosso Dossi Hotel Laleli: Immerse Yourself in the Heart of Istanbul's Bustling Center

Experience Istanbul's Buzzing Heart: Dosso Dossi Hotel Laleli

Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Energy: Dosso Dossi Hotel Laleli, Your Gateway to Istanbul's Action

Discover the vibrant core of Istanbul at Dosso Dossi Hotel Laleli. Feel the pulse of the city from your doorstep, with centuries-old mosques reaching for the sky and the legendary Laleli Bazaar offering a treasure trove of local finds. Dive into the bustling markets, haggle for unique souvenirs, and soak in the authentic atmosphere. Relax in your modern and comfortable room, designed for a blissful retreat after a day of exploration. Sample delicious Turkish cuisine at the hotel's restaurant, or venture out to discover the culinary delights of nearby cafes and eateries. Conveniently located near Aksaray Tram Station and Laleli-Üniversite Station, Dosso Dossi Hotel Laleli is your perfect launchpad for exploring Istanbul's top sights.
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Dosso Dossi is not just a name, but a gateway to fashion heaven for wholesale buyers. With three separate stores catering to every wardrobe need, Dosso Dossi offers unrivaled cheap, premium quality, on-trend clothing. Let's unlock the treasures each store holds.

Dosso Dossi Mall: Your One-Stop Wholesale Fashion Emporium

Discover Unmatched Variety at Dosso Dossi Mall, Your Wholesale Fashion Powerhouse in Istanbul

Elevate Your Inventory with Trendy Styles and Competitive Prices at Dosso Dossi Mall

Unleash a whirlwind of fashion possibilities at Dosso Dossi Mall, your one-stop wholesale emporium in Istanbul. Discover endless floors brimming with the latest trends in men's wear, women's wear, and a captivating array of accessories. Delight in vibrant colors, exquisite fabrics, and meticulous tailoring that cater to every taste and budget. Explore endless possibilities:
  • Find chic evening gowns, casual everyday wear, sporty activewear, and more, all under one roof.
  • Benefit from bulk discounts and private label manufacturing options to streamline your inventory.
  • Experience seamless transactions and on-time deliveries with dedicated customer service.
Transform your store into a fashion magnet with Dosso Dossi Mall's unparalleled selection and competitive prices.
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Dosso Dossi Kids: Your One-Stop Wholesale Kids Clothing Fashion Store

Spark Imagination: Dress Little Stars in Dosso Dossi Kids' Playful Styles

Let Creativity Blossom: Dosso Dossi Kids - Adorable Wholesale Apparel for Growing Dreams

Spark imagination and comfort at Dosso Dossi Kids, where childhood dreams come alive in vibrant threads and playful patterns. Discover an enchanting world of wholesale children's clothing crafted for little explorers, adventurers, and dreamers. Curate a collection that inspires:
  • Find comfy styles in soft, breathable cotton for effortless play.
  • Choose playful designs and vibrant colors that ignite imagination.
  • Ensure quality materials and durable construction to withstand every adventure.
Partner with Dosso Dossi Kids and watch little wardrobes (and smiles) blossom.
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Dosso Dossi Couture: Your One-Stop Wholesale Women's Fashion Shop

Elevate Your Brand with Exquisite Women's Fashion: Dosso Dossi Couture, Istanbul

Define Timeless Elegance with Dosso Dossi Couture - Exclusive Wholesale Apparel for the Modern Woman

Step beyond trends and embrace timeless elegance at Dosso Dossi Couture, your haven of haute couture in Istanbul. This exclusive wholesale boutique caters to discerning women who value impeccable quality and sophisticated style. Discover a collection that embodies feminine refinement:
  • Indulge in meticulous tailoring that dances with luxurious fabrics.
  • Explore designer-inspired styles that whisper understated class.
  • Discover flowing gowns, sharp power suits, and statement pieces that exude effortless grace.
Dosso Dossi Couture understands the power of clothing to empower and redefine femininity. Offer your customers garments that become coveted additions to their wardrobes, pieces that make them feel confident and radiant. Don't just offer fashion, offer an experience. Let Dosso Dossi Couture's exquisite collection define your brand's commitment to quality and empower the modern woman to express her unique style. I hope this revised description better captures the essence of Dosso Dossi Couture's exclusive offerings for women. Please let me know if you have any other requests.
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Sultan Gıda

Sultan Gıda, Dosso Dossi's signature in the food industry, was developed with the vision of the Romanian consumer. The first steps of the Sultan brand in Romania were taken in 2001 with the start of commercial activities of Sahprod Meteor. Sultan Gıda, a member of Meteor Turkey companies, started to produce tomato paste and ketchup in Filipeşti de Padure in Prahova province.

Today, Sultan Gıda continues to produce tomato paste in an area of 3,850 square meters and occupies an important place in the Romanian market. Dosso Dossi, which is Romania's leader in its field of activity with Sultan Gıda, continues its success in this field with its leadership position throughout Europe and the Middle East.
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Fashion Show

Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, which has its roots in a completely new perspective and an innovative business approach, quickly attracted the attention of the fashion world with this aspect. This unique fashion organization, which was realized as a reflection of the global vision of Dosso Dossi Holding, which has been successful in five different sectors in many different parts of the world, brings together tens of thousands of products from hundreds of different brands with fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

Accompanied by showrooms with every detail meticulously planned, stages of unique size, special shows, masked balls, raffles, dance, light and fireworks shows, Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is truly unrivaled with world-famous models walking on its catwalks and its unique carnival atmosphere.

Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, which creates a different synergy by combining local values with global trends, increases its impact all over the world day by day.

More than ten thousand people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Middle East countries participated in the Fashion Show and fair organizations organized by Dosso Dossi in Antalya, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Diyarbakır and Doğubeyazıt, as well as in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. The buyer participates and purchases products. We are proud to provide employment to more than 30 thousand people with the participation of more than a hundred brands and more than 1500 suppliers in these organizations.

While designing the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, we saw this event not only as a fair organization but also as an organization model that allows buyers to have a holiday and have fun while shopping, and we reinforced this with the concept of "Business Holiday". We consider every detail of our customers who attend our fairs, from their travels to their hotel check-ins, from their participation in the fairs to their concerts, entertainment and food and beverages. This is the most important feature that makes Dosso Dossi Fashion Show so unique.

This business model as Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is in demand by many participants in many countries. Our organizations also contribute to the country's tourism and the promotion of Turkey. From this perspective, Dosso Dossi Fashion Show organizations, both at home and abroad, are a great source of pride for both our holding and our country.
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