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Wholesale Women's Dress | Dosso Dossi 


Dresses are the most preferred pieces by all women. The dresses that take their place in every wardrobe can be easily found in sizes 34-36-38-40-42-44-46-48-50-52-54-56-58. You can buy wholesale dress models in all sizes at once. Because they are one-piece, dresses that can only be combined with bags, shoes and accessories are therefore seen as saviors. Dresses that women of all sizes can easily combine can be found in all colors, lengths and patterns. They can be worn when going to a stylish invitation, going out for coffee with friends, or going on a picnic. In addition to stylish dresses that can be worn for a meeting, dresses of all styles such as evening dresses, sports dresses, casual dresses can easily be found.

Long sleeve and maxi length dresses are one of the most preferred types of hijab clothing. Hijab dress models are produced in both long and short styles, and shabby and comfortable cuts are generally preferred. In addition to long-sleeved dresses, there are a wide variety of models such as short-sleeved, sleeveless, strappy, strapless, boat neck, balloon sleeve. The collar model in dresses is one of the factors that changes the entire atmosphere of the dress. While V-neck dresses are preferred because they make the neck look longer, there are many other options such as square neckline, double-breasted neckline, crew neck and turtleneck. Dresses can be complemented with all kinds of shoes.


Office Dresses


Jacket dresses are often preferred for office dresses. Jacket dresses can be combined with trousers or mini skirts depending on their length. Button-front dresses,  shirt dresses and waist belted models are also frequently used. You can easily wear these dresses in different seasons by wearing a cardigan. These dresses, which are compatible with different styles of shoes, are accompanied by sandals and slippers in summer and boots and boots in winter.


Stylish Dresses


One of the points to consider when creating combinations is the fabric of the dress. Fabrics such as satin and chiffon are preferred for more elegant organizations. Dresses, which are indispensable for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, graduations and invitations, can be chosen as short or long. Dresses with lots of tulle, beads and lace are often used with stiletto shoes. While pinks, greens and lilacs are used frequently in the summer months, basic colors are popular in the winter months. You can enrich your combination with a fur or shawl that you can wear on cold days. Another piece that every woman must have in her closet is the black short dress model, which is famous as the "little black dress". These dresses are seen as saviors of sudden celebrations.


Casual Dresses


Cotton, polyester and linen fabrics are more preferred in daily dress models. Comfortable cuts, breathable fabrics come to the fore and there are thousands of models suitable for every body type. Denim dresses, which never go out of fashion, are often combined with sneakers because they reflect a sporty style. Pattern selection in dresses is also one of the very important points. While floral dress models are generally used in the summer months, plain and dark colored dresses are preferred in the winter months. Striped and polka dot dresses, which are fashionable in every period, are preferred in all seasons. One of the most common ones in combed cotton dresses is printed and written models. Dresses that can be produced with the actors of a popular movie, a music band or a quote can reflect your lifestyle as well as elegance. You can filter the dresses, which guarantee to always be stylish, according to color, fabric, pattern and season and start wholesale shopping at


Stylish and Dazzling Women's Dress Models


Women's dress models, which recreate the mood of women, are among the indispensable combinations throughout all four seasons.


Dresses that are very suitable to be combined with cardigans, cashmere coats, sandals and straw hats; It is also among the saving parts of unexpected invitations that develop at the last moment.


Women's dress models, which have become indispensable parts of the women's clothing industry thanks to their various colors, different models and elegant patterns, are among the indispensable items of wardrobes.


Add elegance to your combinations with dress selections in the right tones!


Dresses; It is very suitable for daily use as well as special invitations, celebrations and business dinners. Although black, white and red are known as the most preferred colors among women's dress models; Warm tones such as yellow, blue and green also adorn collections and fashion magazines.


Women's dress models in warm tones can stand out with plain designs or attract attention with patterned designs.


How to Choose Color and Model When Shopping for Dresses?


Women's dress models with floral patterns, polka dots, plaid and geometric patterns; It is very suitable for both daily use and special occasions. In women's dress models dominated by pastel tones, dominant neckline, crew neck and boat neck designs are dazzling.


Attracting attention on special occasions, invitations, business dinners, weddings and celebrations; Embroidered, lace and sequined women's dress models are indispensable in their wardrobes.


In addition to special occasions, light and wide-cut dresses made of thin fabric are frequently preferred in the hot summer months. Tight and wide cut dresses have a variety of appeal to every taste and style. You can visit our website for different dress models that make women feel good and stylish.


Women's Dress Models to Complement Classic Office Elegance


Working women spend most of their day in workplaces and offices. Women who play an active role in business life take care to make comfortable and convenient choices as well as choices that offer elegance.


For those who want to achieve office elegance with classic women's dress models, there are many options, especially long-sleeved or short-sleeved models.


It is seen that vibrant colors stand out among shirt collar dress models. In degaje neckline dress designs, patterned models attract more attention. In addition to above-knee and below-knee models, midi length options are also available for women who want to wear intermediate lengths.


There are many color and model options among women's belted dress models that look flashy in terms of accessories.


There are women's dress models with many color, model and pattern options, from pastel tones to neon colors, from black to beige. You can visit our website to examine the models in detail and get information about the prices.


Daily Dress Models That Will Make You Look Stylish at Any Time


Women, who pay attention to their elegance and style every second, add color and liveliness to their lives and styles with the clothes they choose in their daily lives. Among the sports women's dress models that are frequently preferred due to their comfort, overalls and models with pockets attract great attention.


Denim dresses, which are among the timeless women's dress models, are among the most preferred models.


Dresses designed for daily use; There is a wide range of models that appeal to all styles and ages, including short sleeves, long sleeves, straps, pockets, stones and plain.


Things to Consider When Shopping for Dresses for a Bold Combination


When shopping for dresses, it is important that the product offers comfort as well as elegance. At this point, before buying a dress;


  • fabric quality
  • sewing pattern
  • crafting


It must be taken into attention.


Women's dresses, which have received full marks in many evaluations, are frequently produced by both local and world-famous brands. Women's dress models, ranging from floral patterned fabrics to plaid patterns, from geometric patterns to ethnic patterns, are among the must-have wardrobe items.


Women's dress models, with beautiful options, make women of taste feel beautiful and privileged. Dress models with various designs are among the savior pieces in case the combination cannot be made according to sudden changes in daily life.


You can visit our website to examine women's dress models and get information about product features and prices.